Consulting services in international trade

Consulting services in international trade

This direction is very new and very actual.

Your advantage when working with Fabeas Ltd.:

- Professional staff - we have sufficient experience in the area of the international trading relationships with all world countries.
- Our dynamism - we own the situation in the markets of different continents and are ready to act at any time and anywhere in the world.
- The use of new technologies - in work, in management, in business.

Our main advantage - is You!

We will carefully examine Your conditions, make some modifications according to the expertise available, if necessary, we will find new solutions for the tasks.

Our regions.

Nowadays the most promising for import is South-East Asia. The most popular countries are China, Korea and Vietnam. We are working in these countries, but today we can respond to requests for imports from Latin America, South Africa, Europe, USA, Canada and other regions. Our partners for export are mainly EU countries. The most interesting option for cooperation, which today we will learn, perhaps, an international industrial cooperation between Belarusian and European companies. We invite our partners to dialogue on this subject, as well as on exports as a whole.

Stages of work.

Work can be carried out in different stages. Today we highlight some of them, but are willing to use other mechanisms:

1. Internet-study.
2. Obtaining price and other commercial information by mail or telephone.
3. Negotiate with partners from anywhere in the world in their own language.
4. Assistance in signing a contract or agreement (negotiations, both in the presence of the client, and without it).
5. Assistance in organizing a business trip (for an invitation from the partners, and other formalities).
6. Provide a guide-interpreter.
7. Provision of trustee for the organization at the port of shipment or storage, control of shipping.

Information phase.

It doesn’t give a deep understanding of the market, but the general idea of it. With this step you will receive a range of options - use the information themselves (in the report have phone numbers, addresses, websites and other information) or continue to cooperate with FABEAS LTD: you choose the companies that need to communicate on behalf of the client and ask necessary information (prices, standards, terms of delivery and payment, etc.).

The client can choose any interesting for him stage, or to unite them, and we are always ready to answer your query.


To best answer the most complex query, we create partnerships with:

1. The embassies of countries with whom we work.
2. Foreign companies and agencies working in related fields with us.
3. Chambers of Commerce.
4. Organizers of international exhibitions.
5. Other organizations working in different areas.

We are waiting for you at the office of the company and look forward to Your inquiries!

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Work time:

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