Services commercial logistics

Services commercial logistics

Support in searching for new business partners in South-Eastern Asia.

We do consider since a long period and not occasionally, that negotiations are the most effectual method of mutual exchange of important information of two parties, and also one of the most effective methods of evaluation of relationship with partner, evaluation of partner himself/herself and the supposed transaction.

This way was shown to us as by theory, as by practice. The deal is, that nowadays dialogue start is highlighting. This prevails also by solution of international conflicts. Furthermore, one of not numerous but universal for all cultures principle has become principle of reciprocity. But in order to come to its implementation it is necessary to sit down at negotiation table and to discuss all possible variants and define priorities both for yourself and for your partner as well. Today the best method is considered to be a “win-win” method, when independently from the results of negotiations both parties win.

In spite of such universality a range of differences in approaches are still present. For example, negotiations for a businessman from the USA are a beginning of relationship, his goal – to sign a contract, to make a deal. For a Japanese it is also a beginning of relationship, but it is only a way to know each other. The undersigned agreement itself is just a start of mutually beneficial cooperation, establishment of mutual trust.

Therefore, we can consider the following barriers, which always are present during international negotiations:

- atmosphere of negotiations;
- cultural peculiarities;
- ideology;
- bureaucratic traditions of organization;
- foreign laws and government;
- different monetary systems;
- instability and unexpected changes.

Specialists of our company attempt usually to solve all of these barriers during negotiations.

This objective is not always solved very simply, because it concerns representatives of different cultures and states, different views and beliefs. We work with all continents in any branch. This is possible thanks to detailed formulation of objectives and transparency in work, which we adhere to.

We will be glad to discuss Your strategy of work and negotiations with You and with Your partners!

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